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In March 2020, Jonathan Shachter began a podcast called "Lost in Citations", intending to make contact with academics whom he had cited in his research articles. Joined by Chris Haswell in April 2020, and then Todd Beuckens in June 2020, this team of enthusiastic academics and online material creators seeks to form a new way for academics, educators, and free-thinkers to connect and share their work. is an audio journal - we want voices from all levels of academia to have a platform upon which to share ideas. We invite submissions of your interviews with other academics.

Connect with someone you would like to know more about and submit the resulting interview to

Our Contributing Editors look forward to hearing your work.

As the ocean of citations becomes deeper by the day, let's get lost together and learn something new.

Including their profiles, links to their academic homepages, and interview keywords to help you choose which interviews you would like to listen to.

On this week's podcast:

February 24th - Diane Pecorari (City University of Hong Kong)

Pecorari, D., & Malmström, H. (2018). At the crossroads of TESOL and English medium instruction. TESOL Quarterly, 52(3), 497-515.

Coming soon on the podcast:

March 3rd - Ali H. Al-Hoorie. (Jubail English Language and Preparatory Year Institute, Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu, Saudi Arabia)

Hiver, P., & Al‐Hoorie, A. H. (2020). Reexamining the role of vision in second language motivation: A preregistered conceptual replication of You, Dörnyei, and Csizér (2016). Language Learning, 70(1), 48-102.

March 10th - Edmundo Luna (Kyushu University)

Luna, E. Language contact in virtual spaces: The use of kin terms bli and bro in Balinese online discourse. Language Contact: The State of the Art, 57. Chicago

March 17th - Peter MacIntyre (Cape Breton University)

MacIntyre, P. D. (2017). An overview of language anxiety research and trends in its development. New insights into language anxiety: Theory, research and educational implications, 25, 53.

March 24th - Elizabeth J. Erling (University of Vienna)

Erling, E. J., Radinger, S., & Foltz, A. (2020). Understanding low outcomes in English language education in Austrian middle schools: the role of teachers’ beliefs and practices. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 1-17.

Getting started

Todd Beuckens has produced a huge database of materials to assist with online teaching and producing high-quality content.

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Published blogs:


September 2020 - "A podcast narrative: Academics vs. Reality"

Chris uses the contents of 5 recent podcasts to explore the connections between various fields of sociolinguistics, tying the statements of the interviewees into a narrative that develops in the course of a series of long-form interviews, including elements of current and past research to help elucidate the discussion.

October 2020 - "10 Tips for Interview Style"

Jon shares his long experience of podcasting and interviewing to give advice about how to begin an interview-based podcast and then how to improve your style to make the interviews more fluent, more interesting, and more enjoyable for the listener, the interviewee, and the interviewer.

November 2020 - "Advice from successful academics, Part One"

Chris goes back to his first 15 interviews and reviews times when the interviewees gave advice. This advice is professional, academic, and personal, and highlights one of the key goals of this podcast, to help connect people from different academic fields so we can pool our experiences and assist each other. 

December 2020 - "Advice from successful academics, Part Two"

Chris completes the review of advice from his first 15 interviews.

January 2021 - "Research Resolutions - 2021 and the re-booting of research"

Chris outlines 5 promises (and 1 challenge) for the new year

Upcoming blogs:

March 2021 - "Soft Skills - What we learn from the process of doing research"

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