Misty Slopes

Guide for Contributors 

For people interested in submitting an interview for consideration, please read this carefully first.

This journal is intended for a general audience - think about who you would like to interview and how based on this approach. We like to bring a range of voices and perspectives from various fields.

Some key points about the recordings:

  • Take time to set up the recording equipment, both for you and your interview subject. Most built-in microphones and speakers are not sufficient for the sound quality we require, at least not without considering how the user should be positioned. Poor quality recordings will be rejected (see Resources for suggestions for a good quality microphone)

  • A good idea is to have a practice call and set up the hardware and software before the time of the recording.

  • To prevent feedback that can occur through the use of Skype for the medium of communication, please use earphones and encourage the use of headphones for your interviewee.

  • Plan for your interview to be between 30mins - 1hr. Prepare enough questions to keep the discussion moving forward and investigate various ways of evaluating the paper under discussion.

  • Give the interviewee space and time to consider their work. Any gaps when either of you are pausing to think can easily be edited out later, so don't feel someone must be speaking at all times in the interview.

  • In the case of submitting a complete interview, please submit an mp3 version of the interview.

  • In the case of submitting raw interview audio requiring post-editing, please submit a WAV version of the interview.

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